Morning Coffee #2

Where the author pretentiously post a poem he enjoys. BY ARUNDHATHI SUBRAMANIAM After A.A. (1967–2015) It’s 2005 and we are almost glamorous, the five of us— the chairs are cane, my shirt batik, the sunshine Goa and Heineken. We’re past the clumsy brutality of eighteen— we’ve deleted makeshift faces, borrowed persuasions, stances without journeys. We’ve forgiven [...]

We are worried about the wrong aliens!!!

WARNING - I will be talking about politicians, but I will NOT be talking politics I use to think that the reason politicians always looked so awkward and creepy was due to the fact that they were such sniveling liars who had to put on a relatable face to cover up the lies. Bipartisan examples [...]

Cockatoos are assholes!

As this is my first blog post I wanted to start with some hard hitting reporting. I'm currently reading Edward Abbey’s Abbey’s Road, I'm only about 25 pages in so i'm not going to give a review here. However there was a section of the book that gave me pause, here is the excerpt.  “Walking [...]

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