On the stress of needing to write

I assume that anyone reading this, has at some point, had a need to write. A burning sensation in your gut or brain or heart telling you to write down your thoughts or feelings or ideas. These early days of this desire are exciting, and the ideas flow out for better or worse. In the [...]

Morning Coffee #4

Where the author pretentiously post a poem he enjoys. AFTER THE SPRING The first hay is in and all at oncein the silent evening summer has comeknowing the place wholly the green skinof its hidden slopes where the shadows willnever reach so far again and a fewgray hairs motionless high in the latesunlight tell of [...]

Shameless Poetry Hour #2

Where the author shamelessly plugs his Poetry. Loss, in Three Haiku I perched high, shadow tree sitting below, two lovers surveying their death II dragonflies buzz by eyes meet, fingers touch, smiles fade their hour is over III breeze of sweet decay hugs exchanged, embraced good-bye blackbirds softly weep First published in the October 2018 [...]

Morning Coffee #3

Where the author pretentiously post a poem he enjoys. BODIES, FLOWERBEDSfrom Bird From Africa by Viola AlloThe earth, carved up, engraved with bodies,this hollow vision of death: people restingtogether, bodies beneath a bed of flowers. We soften death into poems and stories.The art of writing is just a way of wailingfor the earth, carved up, sculpted by [...]

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