Afternoon Tea #2

Where the author smugly shares his random thought of the day

Jesus people, it’s a MOOT point, not mute! Like MOO but with a T behind it. What would a mute point even be??

Note: You sound like an ass no matter how you say it so please stop.

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  1. But is the point really moot if you have to mute the “mute point” people?
    Then again, maybe Mute Point is a monastery on a lake where people aren’t allowed to talk or….
    😉 (…I gotta put a place called “Mute Point” in a short story. That is too good to not use.)

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  2. Back atcha. Frankly, I think being a grammar Nazi can be incredibly fun. However, some people did not share my sense of humor and blocked me! Good to find a kindred spirit. (Not to be confused with kin dread, which is a common phobia associated with holidays.)

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  3. I wish I could like this one trillion times. Mute point! Makes me want to an offender’s mouth with one of my unabridged dictionaries.

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  4. lol – a mute point would definitely be a silent one… there are so many idiots in this world.


  5. Haha. Hilarious. Reminds me of a little sitcom where they’re discussing this, and said reply is – “Like a cows opinion, like a cow goes… moo… it’s a moo point. ” He says “Moo,” but it’s just as funny as “Mute.”

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