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    1. Mostly I look for no fee poetry journals and then submit submit submit. Look for journals that roughly fit your style or ones that are looking for something different. Its not for the faint of heart. In my experience you get more rejections than anything. Ive only had 5 published, but i promise i submitted way more than that.

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      1. I see. I’ve submitted a couple of poems to poetry competitions recently. However, I find that many of those have a rule that forbids poems previously published anywhere else- so including online self-publishing. I assume that rule applies to many poetry journals as well. Do you have any recommendations of poetry journals in the UK?
        Ever considered self-publishing your own poetry book (in print)?


      2. That rule does apply, however if you put something on this blog that you think is publish worthy i would just delete or change it a bit maybe. I dont know anything specific to the UK however i would handcuff yourself to just one region. If you have facebook go look into the group “no fee calls for poems” it is a good resource for good journals and the dates they are accepting submissions. Im a very slow writer so im not sure i have enough strong poetry to fill an actuall book, but I want to some day.

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